Old ways and new technologies: we are successful because we are here to stay. We create sustainable programs and initiatives that help the people to
help themselves.

CIJ-HAITI brings specialists from around the world to ‘train the trainers’, educating the people to build self-sustainability.

We’re working side by side with the communities, in a way they understand, to ensure they succeed for generations to come.





CIJ-HAITI works with the elders, farmers and key members of the communities in the remote Artibonite Valley in Haiti to create projects and initiatives that focus on education, local development and protection of the environment – for the long term.

In 1996, when the elders said to Osprival Descomme, “We need a school,” he knew that what was really needed was a multi-level approach that addressed the needs of all the communities in the region: accessibility, education for both children and adults, health, food and soil security, marketable skills, jobs and a better understanding of their fragile ecosystem.

Born and raised in the area, and educated and living in Canada, Ospri has always had a foot in both worlds. Together with the elders and key community members, he formed CIJ-HAITI. Since then, the charity has been able to plant the seeds of lasting change.

We know that small ideas can lead to big results.


CIJ is a grassroots organization dedicated to improving the standard
of living of rural Haitians for the long term.  We focus holistically
on education, locally sustainable development and awareness and
protection of the environment.
Our methods are rooted in the Konbit system - a Haitian tradition that
emphasizes individual involvement for collective improvements.  We
also harness the knowledge of rural community elders who understand
the links between education, sustainability and the environment in
order to awaken the youth to the pitfalls of unsustainable/rapid development. 
 In this way, we enableyouth to make better choices for the future.  This connection between the elders 
and the youth is a major element of sustainable development.     
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